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Exit Intent Pop App



"They are already at the Checkout, ready to buy! Don't let them leave just now!"

People leaving the checkout without paying...that makes me sad

You pay for SUPER targeted traffic for your Shopify store.​

They add your products to cart.

They proceed to the checkout.

Then leave without finishing the purchase.

Sounds familiar?

​But Why?

​The reasons are simple.

Buyer's remorse... having second thoughts if the purchase is worth the money

Shipping costs... can be a turnoff for some

How Do You Fix that?

Sometimes all they need is a little incentive...

I mean a BRUTAL HIT with a discount

RIGHT BEFORE they want to abandon the checkout.

Why Does It work?

People LOVE discounts!

If you used discounts on your site, you know they boost sales.

If customers are already at the checkout phase, they are READY to buy!

How Can This App Help You?

For whatever reason customers decide to leave the checkout page at the last moment

You'll hit them with an offer they can not refuse....a discount

Got Any Numbers To Back Up These Claims?

So GLAD you asked!

As you can see the AdToCart percent remained the same.

But the Conversion Rate increased by 253%.

Before using the Panda app, only 21% of the people reaching the checkout finished the purchase. This store was losing the other 79% of VERY potential buyers.

After installing the Exit Intent Discount app, they managed to convert 53% of them (instead of 21%)!

That's 254% more people.

That's what I call a RESULT!

Now how do you get  PandaSalesBooster - Checkout Exit Pop” on your Shopify store?

7 Days Free Trial

IMPORTANT! If you get an error when trying to install the app, it's probably because your store domain is different from the shopify admin subdomain. Go to your admin panel. The url should look like Use xxxx instead of your site name in the field above.

Want to see a live demo before installing? Click Here

P.S. New Update Live! Now you can now fully customize the text and the aspect of the pop!

P.S.S. Got a question? Email at mike [at] or Send a Facebook Message